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Circadian rhythm: the silent music of your sleep & wake cycles

Circadian rhythm is the slightly longer than 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of all living things on planet Earth. That includes humans, plants, animals, fungi and even bacteria. Circadian rhythms can be regulated or altered by external cues such as daylight and temperature. They are also important in determining the sleep patterns of all animals, including human beings. They are the reason why we naturally sleep at night (darkness) and wake during the day (light). We also show clear patterns of brain wave activity, cell regeneration, hormone production and other body functions according to circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder — Circadian rhythm sleep disorders affect the timing of our sleep patterns. People with circadian rhythm sleep disorder are unable to sleep and wake at normal times typically required for work, school and social needs. They generally get enough sleep as long as they are allowed to sleep and wake according to their own internal body clocks. Without other sleep disorders, those with circadian rhythm sleep disorder usually have normal-quality sleep.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing unusual circadian rhythm disturbances, you owe it to yourself to see Margaret E. Mike, MD, a triple board-certified sleep medicine specialist with over 20 years' experience located right here in Plano, TX and Bedford, TX.

Fight circadian rhythm sleep disorder and shift work sleep disorder and get back in rhythm with sleep doctor Margaret Mike's help. Call Margaret Mike, MD Sleep & Wake Center at 972–981-7436 and learn how today’s advanced care options could potentially save your life. For your convenience, you can also use our online form to schedule your appointment with Dr. Mike today! We see patients from Frisco (Denton County), Plano (Collin County), Bedford, Colleyville and Grapevine (Tarrant County) in DFW Metroplex, TX.